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This page contains material mainly aimed for students of the Department of Agricultural Sciences. The material is, however, freely accessible for anyone.

Matlab opas (A guide to Matlab in Finnish) A guide to Matlab.The guide is written in finnish, because there are multiple good guides avalaible written in English. Here are links for the guide and some sample data. In use for courses YFYS4 and Agtek320.

SciPy opas (A guide to SciPy in Finnish) Scientific Python (SciPy) provides a good free alternative to Matlab. This guide covers basic usage of SciPy for numerical analysis and plotting.

Matplotlib Quick Reference 2 page quick reference of Python plotting library Matplotlib.

Data for the exercises with Matlab and SciPy:

Short guide to serial (rs-232) communications in Linux Linux is a very good and stable platform for making measurements via serial port. Especially because no additional device drivers are needed. With Linux you can also make good use of low end computers. For more advanced control you can use e.g the pySerial module.