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Here are some links to places, software, websites and operating systems, which I have found useful or interesting in scientific projects or otherwise.

wmtsa: Wavelet Methods for Time Series Analysis
e1071: Functions for Support Vector Machines
Rcpp: R/C++ interface. Great for speeding up slow bits of the R code.
boot: Bootstrap functions.
verification: Forecast verification utilities (e.g. ROC curves)
Creating R Packages: A Tutorial. by Friedrich Leisch
Sweave - Dynamic reports with R
Winbuilder: Build windows binaries of R packages
R-Forge A platform for R package development
R-Cookbook R recipes
R questions in Stack Overflow
R tutorial Basic usage and elementary statistics
R bloggers Articles about R - from the R blogosphere.
ESS - Emacs Speaks Statistics  

Other tools and libraries

Numeric Javascript Mathematics with browser.

Online courses

Academic Earth Online video lectures.
Coursera Full courses from Stanford, Princeton and other top universities.
Udacity Computer science and math courses.


LaTeX Wikibook
Excellent guide for using Latex. (In finnish).
Mathesaurus Thesaurus of Mathematical Languages
The Scientist and Engineer’s Guide to Digital Signal Processing- Free e-book
Online College Classes - Comprehensive list of free e-books and other free material online

Tools used with this website

nanoc A static site generator.
Pandoc Universal document converter.
Pygments Python syntax highlighter.
Emacs - an excellent programmers editor.
Skeleton - CSS grid for responsive development.