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CowLog - Software for coding behaviors from digital video.
See CowLog website for more info and downloads.


Animal- Analyze time-coded animal behavior data
Animal R-package is a collection of functions for analyzing animal (including humans) behavior data originating from a variety of sources. The package has functions to analyze time coded behaviors from CowLog data files and observation files with similar format. Other features include hourly, daily, weekly and monthly summaries of time coded data, analysis of RIC data files and labeling measurement data according to behavioral observations for e.g model building purpose. Animal can downloaded from CRAN.

Pweave A literate programming interface for Python.
Implements the functionality of the excellent R tool Sweave for Python. Pweave makes it possible to create dynamic reports by including python code and its output as well as matplotlib figures in reStructured text or Latex document.

refbull use cross-refences in HTML documents
A ruby script that lets you use Latex style cross-references with refs and labels in HTML documents. Especially designed to work with Pandoc documents. See wiki on bitbucket for instructions.

Filters for Pandoc
Some filters I’ve written to modify Pandoc 1.8 documents. Includes support for Beamer presentations, labels and refs for tables and figures in Latex and HTML documents (with refbull) and syntax highlighting using pygments or syntaxhighlighter.