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Pastell This is Matti Pastell’s homepage. I work as Senior Research Scientist at Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). My research work handles mostly the use of technology in animal welfare research. I am interested in developing automated systems to predict animal health problems and automatically monitoring animal behavior i.e. Precision Livestock Farming (PLF). I have mostly worked with lameness in Dairy Cattle, but I am also involved in many other projects involving pigs, turkeys, horses and dogs. I work in close cooperation with the Veterinary Faculty and the Department of Animal Science from our University of Helsinki and several international partners. Have a look at my list of publications on Researchgate for more info.

This webpage contains information about my research, teaching and software projects. I don’t really blog, but I occasionally post small tips usually related to research and computing.

Im on a leave from my position as University lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Sciences in the University of Helsinki. I am also a member of the Research Centre for Animal Welfare

If you have any questions or comments you are very welcome to contact me.

Contact information:
Matti Pastell
Senior Research Scientist, Dr. of Agriculture and Forestry
Natural Resources Institute Finland Viikinkaari 4, 00790 Helsinki, Finland
E-mail: matti.pastell(a)
Skype: mpastell