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Pastell This is Matti Pastell’s homepage. I work as an Associate Professor and Research manager at Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). My research work automated systems to predict animal health problems and automatically monitoring animal behavior i.e. Precision Livestock Farming (PLF).

I have mostly worked with lameness in Dairy Cattle, but I am also involved in many other projects involving pigs, turkeys, horses and dogs. I work in close cooperation with the Veterinary Faculty and the Department of Animal Science from our University of Helsinki and several international partners. Have a look at my list of publications for more info.

This webpage contains information about my research, teaching and software projects. I don’t really blog, but I occasionally post small tips usually related to research and computing.

If you have any questions or comments you are very welcome to contact me.

Contact information:
Matti Pastell
Associate Professor, Dr. of Agriculture and Forestry
Natural Resources Institute Finland Koetilantie 5, 00790 Helsinki, Finland
E-mail: matti.pastell(a)
Skype: mpastell