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PyQt 4.6.2 with Snow Leopard

Author: Matti Pastell
Tags: Mac, Python, PyQt
Nov 24 2009

This is again more of a note to myself than a blog post… After upgrading my Mac OS X to Snow Leopard I’ve started to use the default 64bit Python 2.61 and consequently PyQt stopped working. I managed to get it back by compiling from source packages, with the instructions I found from this Finnish blog.

The Qt 4.5.3 installed from DMG didn’t work so first I compiled Qt 4.6RC (should have Snow Leopard support, this DMG might work) from source using:

./configure -arch x86_64
sudo gmake install 

PyQt depends on SIP so next I installed sip-4.9.3:

sudo make install

And finally the actual PyQt 4.6.2:

python -q /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.6.0/bin/qmake
sudo make install

And now: It works!

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