This is Matti Pastell’s homepage. I’m an Associate Professor of Future Farming Technologies at Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). I’m working on measuring, modeling and control of dynamic biological systems, and agricultural automation.

I’ve worked Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) since 2005 developing sensor systems and models to predict animal health problems and automatically monitoring animal behavior and welfare. I have mostly worked with applications in dairy and pig production. The core technologies include wearable sensors and computer vision. We have an active multidiscplinary PLF research group with experts in engineering, computer science, ethology and veterinary science. I’m also currently the President of EAAP Commission on Precision Livestock Farming

More recently I have started to work on welfare monitoring of fish in RAS systems and applications in plant production including robotics for strawberry harvesting, vertical farming and greenhouse production.


I’m always interested in new collaborations and you are very welcome to contact me, you can find contact details from Luke website.

Current research projects