Our Precision Livestock Farming research at Luke is done by a team researchers with diverse background and as collaboration of several organisationals groups. Our team includes experts from engineering, ethology, computer science, animal and veterinary science, animal genetics and economics. We work together in joint projects and meet regularly to exchange ideas and information.


  • Associate professor, Dr. Matti Pastell. Agricultural Engineering, measuring, modeling and control of dynamic biological systems, and agricultural automation
  • Research professor, Dr. Jarkko Niemi. Economics of animal health, welfare and production
  • Principal Scientist, Dr. Jouni Vielma. Recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS)
  • Research scientist, Dr. Victor Bloch. Engineering, sensor system development and data analysis, robotics
  • Research Scientist, Dr. Anna Stygar. Animal scientist dealing with mathematical models
  • Research Scientist, Dr. Terhi Mehtiö. Genetics and breeding
  • Research Scientist, Lilli Frondelius Animal behaviour and welfare, sensors for welfare monitoring
  • Research Scientist, Santiago Cortes Reina Computer science, computer vision in fish welfare assesment
  • Research Scientist, Mikaela Mughal Animal welfare, PhD student working Cow-Calf systems


We have hosted several visiting scientists over the years and hopefully can do so also in the future. If you’d like to visit us be in contact with Matti. Past visitors: