Output FormatsΒΆ

Pweave supports output in several formats. See the example gallery <examples/index.html>__ for examples.

You can list the supported formats using:

import pweave

Pweave supported output formats:

  • html:
    HTML with pygments highlighting
  • leanpub:
    Leanpub markdown
  • markdown:
    Pandoc markdown, same as format pandoc
  • md2html:
    Markdown to HTML using Python-Markdown
  • notebook:
    Jupyter notebook
  • pandoc:
    Pandoc markdown
  • pandoc2html:
    Markdown to HTML using Pandoc, requires Pandoc in path
  • pandoc2latex:
    Markdown to Latex using Pandoc, requires Pandoc in path
  • rst:
  • softcover:
    SoftCover markdown
  • sphinx:
    reStructuredText for Sphinx
  • tex:
    Latex with verbatim for code and results
  • texminted:
    Latex with predefined minted environment for codeblocks
  • texpweave:
    Latex output with user defined formatting using named environments (in latex header)
  • texpygments:
    Latex output with pygments highlighted output