Release notes

In 0.30

Released 27th, August 2017

  • Use IPython kernel to run Python code:
    • support for rich output
    • support IPython magics
    • Improved error handling
  • Render tracebacks correctly
  • Drop Python 2 support
  • Run code using any Jupyter kernel with –kernel option
  • Output directly to Jupyter notebooks with chunk options preserved as metadata -> ability to use custom nbconvert templates in addition to builtin formatters.
  • Drop uppercase versions on pweave and ptangle scripts
  • Weave documents from URLs
  • md2html is the new default format for .pmd and .py input

In 0.25

Released 21st, April 2016

  • New pweave option: output allows to set the output file
  • New better themes for pypublish and an option to choose theme
  • New output format: softcover (

In 0.24

Released 20th, January 2016

  • New input format: markdown
  • New supported script format: Spyder cell markup
  • Support new link attributes for pandoc >= 1.16
  • pypublish now embeds figures in html output
  • pypublish no longer defaults to wrap = False in html output
  • Improved test coverage
  • More robust script reader, not sensitive to empty lines anymore
  • Removed obsolete Julia support.

In 0.23.2

Released 16th, January 2016

  • Add –latex_engine option to pypublish. Enables the use xetex or luatex
  • Bug fixes - Fix formatting bugs for eval=FALSE #18 - Fix white space error in code chunks for wrap = FALSE #24 - Fix unicode bug with pypublish #21 - Update pypublish template to include textcomp due to changes in Pandoc #23

In 0.23.1

Released 12th, January 2016

  • Fix for multiline indented blocks by @abukaj
  • Pypublish missing begin{document} problem fixed by @abukaj
  • Fix for pandoc 1.14 - tightlist not defined @trsaunders

In 0.23

Released 7th, December 2014

  • New Python option –shell eshell, runs python as subprocess and is not affected by Pweave imports.
  • Pweave can now be used to weave Octave, Matlab and Julia code using –shell option. Have a look at the examples on Github


Released 14th, November 2014

  • Figure and cache directory are now handled relative to weaved document
  • Fixed caching
  • Improved error reporting and exception handling


Released 14th, November 2014

  • Fixed a bug with inline code chunks.


Released 13th, November 2014

  • Package global options moved to pweave.rcParams. This is a breaking change if you have used Pweb class to modify Pweave options. Should not affect commandline usage.
  • Renamed pweave.pweave to pweave.weave, pweave.ptangle to pweave.tangle
  • Python 3 compatibilty, Thanks to Grant Goodyear
  • Publishing of scripts from command line : pypublish script
  • Conversion between input formats and markups: Pweave-convert script
  • Possibility to run shell code from Pweave. See engine chunk option.
  • New input formats:
    • Script
    • IPython notebook
  • Bugfix: setting figure format from command line fixed.
  • Ipython terminal
  • Source option for chunks
    • Read from module
    • Read from file
  • Multichunk blocks: complete option
  • rst format uses .. codeblock:: python directive for code chunks.
  • Output formats:
    • Leanpub markdown
  • New options for figures
    • f_size ( (8,6) ) Saved figure size in inches a tuple (w, h)
    • f_env (None) Environment that goes around figure e.g. sidefigure
    • f_spines (True) removes spines from figure right and top if False.
    • complete (False)
    • source: Read chunk source from file or python module or file
    • engine: Choose engine running the code. “python” or “shell”


Released 15th, April 2013

  • Bug fix: 0.21.1 Failed to build, 0.21.2 now works.

0.21.1 Released 12th, April 2013


Released: 11th, April 2013

  • Support for multiple figures in a code chunk
  • Users can supply their own classes for formatting output, this makes adding own formats easier.
  • New chunk option “include” controls if generated figures are included in code
  • New chunk option wrap will wrap code and results (defaults to True).
  • Removed –minted command line option, this is now available as “texminted” format.
  • New default format for minted code block. (Thanks to Thomas Unterthiner)
  • New features for latex figures
    • Label is set for figures using code chunks label as fig:label. (Thanks to Matthew McDonald)
    • You can specify postion via f_pos chunk option.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Width setting for figures now works.


Released: 10th, October 2011

  • Included tangling script and function: Ptangle and pweave.ptangle
  • Pweave and Ptangle are now .exe files in Windows and can (and must) be executed without the .py extension.
  • Bug fix: Pweave no longer adds extra line to the start of file -> pandoc title blocks work now.


Released: 8th, October 2011

  • This is a major release and Pweave is completely restructured
  • Pweave is now a library and can be run from the interpreter, this has multiple advantages
    • several documents can share same namespace.
    • you can work interactively after running pweave
    • Function pweave.pweave exposes most options, pweave.Pweb class makes it possible to customasize the execution and formatting with direct access to parsed and executed code before formatting and writing.
  • You can now embed code in doc chunks using ERB syntax
  • Documentation mode caches all results from code chunks so you don’t need to rerun it when working with doc chunks.
  • New format, Pandoc markdown
  • New option: use minted with Latex
  • Easy to specify new formats using custom dictionary
  • Hidden option for results
  • Support for capturing Sho plots for Ironpython users.
  • Bug fixes.
    • chunk start and end detection improved, decorators are working now.
    • term mode now executes chunks with term = False if execution fails.


Released: 3rd, February 2011

  • Improved term mode, you can now use for loops etc. indented blocks in term mode (Contributed by Tamas Nepusz).
  • Code runs in its own environment instead of global environment (Contributed by Tamas Nepusz).


Released: 4th, May 2010

  • Added terminal mode for output
  • Figure options: add image caption, making it a figure
  • Small bug fixes to capturing output
  • Documentation: added howto for using Pweave with Emacs and more complete example


Released: 22th, March 2010

  • Command line option for choosing figure format
  • Figure options: control image width
  • Bug fixes for adding images
  • Pweave now extracts code from the source document


Released: 12th, March 2010

  • Initial release